Chenevier Spa has been a leading player on the timber scene in the Aosta Valley for over forty years.


During the 70s and 80s the firm specialised in trading timber in general, but also  manufactured and sold matchboarding. Over time however, the company acquired such expertise and proven experience that it is now one of the most successful businesses in this sector.

At the end of the 1980s, the company introduced laminated timber into the Aosta Valley, producing it at the new Plan Félinaz premises.  This marked the beginning of a period of great progress both with regards to technical expertise and quality, completing important projects such as the overhead motorway protection at the Aosta-Pila cable car intersection  point, bridges, long span walkways, large public building roofing, chalets and residential home roofs.

Great changes in the early 2000. Following a significant company transformation, the new generation began a radical reorganisation of the business in 2003.  In 2006 a new CNC machining centre for timber beams was installed, this choice  proved to be revolutionary in our mountainous area as it turned the old approach to roof-building towards prefabrication in the factory. So-called “pre-cut” roofs provide the client with a product of superior quality thanks to more  thorough designing, precision working and shorter assembly times. In 2008 a state-of-the-art profiling and wood distressing line was installed. The company took an important step forward in 2009 by purchasing the entire Plan Félinaz industrial premises which they had, until then, rented.

From 2010 to today

Further crucial investments were made in 2010: in July an automatic planing line for timber beams and a Hundegger cutting centre began functioning – the most innovative CNC joinery machine for large dimensions available on the market today.


Chenevier Spa’s technical and  designing skills are guaranteed by a certification issued from the Supreme Council of Public Works – Central Technical Service declaring that they manufacture structural timber parts,  a fundamental requirement under the Technical Building Regulations.

Chenevier Spa also holds Certification SOA OS32, required to carry out public works (issued in accordance with Italian Presidential Decree 207/2010).



Chenevier Spa has a professional team that boasts a wide scope of expertise and skills covering materials, statics and construction, and works closely on the integrated design right from the client’s first requests. This gives greater command over the quality of the house that will be delivered with its finishings carried to a certain degree – from the basic structure to the turnkey product.

The prefabricated timber pieces are manufactured at the Charvensod premises and installed by the company’s highly qualified staff. Being an established company in the Aosta Valley for many years is not only a guarantee of reliability but also continuity and flexibility. Over the course of time the company has been involved in extremely diverse projects from high altitude mountain huts to commercial and artisanal  buildings and residential homes. These  buildings’ functions may differ broadly but the care and quality involved in creating them remains the same.


“Tradition and innovation” are the key words used by Chenevier Spa since the very beginning when building timber structures and houses: a craftsman’s precision  combined with the latest  technologies for producing and assembling timber products.

Since time immemorial wood has been one of the traditional building materials in the Aosta Valley.  Today Chenevier Spa employs sophisticated wood-working techniques for its houses but retains the same respect and care for this versatile, salubrious and sustainable material. Timber houses are naturally energy saving since the properties of wood insulate and prevent energy loss.

Energy efficiency.

Timber buildings easily attain class A provided that they are correctly designed and built. Moreover, it is possible to obtain optimal thermal, acoustic and hydrometric results.

Chenevier Spa timber houses suit any type of interior or exterior finishing in keeping with the client’s wishes. Plastering, stone and timber cladding easily adapt to a timber frame.  Each home is unique and built to a  customised project designed according to the client’s preferences.

A solid house built quickly.

Production times are short and delivery can be within a few months; punctual delivery is ensured by precise planning of the construction stages.

The timber frame guarantees excellent anti-seismic characteristics, while it is also very safe in the event of fire. Correctly built timber buildings such as those produced by Chenevier Spa are long-lasting and require little maintenance.





Back in 2006 Chenevier Spa’s workshop was already producing prefabricated roofs. Thanks to scrupulous designing, precision work and quicker installation, a made-to-measure roof is undoubtedly superior in quality.

But what should a modern roof be like? Firstly, it must be designed both from a static and layer structure point of view. In the recently published Technical Building Regulations, timber is clearly conferred the same prestige as building materials such as steel and reinforced concrete. In fact, it is now compulsory to register static designing at the offices concerned.  

A modern roof must guarantee staticity in addition to good insulation. The choice of insulating material must be coherent to the energy class planned by the architect. Good insulation must be both “summer” in order to avoid overheating of the inhabited rooms located beneath the roof and “winter” to cut energy consumption.  To prevent humidity and discomfort, breathable insulating materials must be employed to allow the circulation of condensation.

Besides guaranteeing comfort, it is essential to choose environmentally sustainable house-building materials – those which are natural, recyclable, free of solvents and oil-based products in order that our roofs do not become “waste products”  which future generations will find  difficult and costly to dispose of.


Chenevier Spa also sells a range of building materials to both businesses and private customers: OSB boards, phenolic plywood, posts and horizontal planks for fencing, joinery boards, wall cladding such as matchboarding and bevel-edged planks. The latter are stocked in the most common types of wood (pine, larch and Douglas fir), but it is possible to order more valuable and refined types of wood.



Chenevier Spa’s warehouse also supplies laminated spruce beams  of varying weight – these are held in stock for all building requirements.

The company supplies insulating panels made of fibreboards, mineral wool and polystyrene. Chenevier Spa has exclusive sales rights in the Aosta Valley to Naturalia Bau products. This company from Alto Adige produces high quality natural building systems to create healthy homes by including: insulating material, breathable and waterproof membranes,  steam brakes with their relative installation accessories.

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